Want to get Morgan on your recording ?
Here is what you do:
Mail Morgan your MP3 files here: morgan@itv.se Morgan will listen to them and make sure he can – and wants to – record the material. The musical genre does not really matter, as long as it "fits"!

Morgan will contact you by mail to quote a price. The price depends on what kind of material it is and how much material there is (a few songs or a whole album).

If all is agreed, you will mail Morgan a stereomix (wav or aiff file) of the tracks and a clicktrack on a separate audio-channel. That's all! Morgan can record the drums on as many channels as you want (maximum 18 tracks).

Inside Morgans studio:
• DW Jazz Series drumset
• 18" bassdrum (Elvin Jones type of jazz-sound)
• 22" bassdrum (muffled pop/rock sound)
• 22" bassdrum-woofer (adds boomy low end)
• 24" bassdrum (John Bonhman type of sound)
• 10",12",14",16" toms
• 14"x5 snare
• 14"x5.5 snare
• also:14"x5 ludwig 1958 woodsnare
• 15"x5 levin 1940 woodsnare
• and lot’s of cymbals.
• Mac Pro
• Pro Tools LE 003 rack+
• Presonus Firestudio
• and lot's of microphones.

* Please keep in mind that Morgan may not be able to answer your inquiry immediately. However, you will receive an reply-message confirming that your inquiry was received.

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Want to get Morgan
on your recording?

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Morgan Ågren free drumsolo, France July 2010 (part 1)
Morgan Ågren free drumsolo, France July 2010 (part 2)