Dear folks!!

Finally an update here. Been a hectic but good period. Carl Kings movie, about me, is finished after many months/years of work. It will go to print and be available in October 2013. My solo CD "BATTERIE DELUXE" is also getting finished soon! I am super happy with it all. My best work so far, best music, best sound of all my work.. It has taken me many years of work on and off, but I see the finish line now! I will be back with info on this as soon as I have more details. A new Mats/Morgan studio CD will be release by Cuneiform eary next year as well.

Been recording a lot for Devin Townsends new CD project, which is now mixed and ready. Will post realse dets here when I have that info. Another recording was done w. Janek Gwizdala and Alex Gunia that I think will be really nice too, info TBA.


Here is some other CDs that was also released:

"BLIXT" with Bill Laswell and Raoul Björkenheim is out now! More info here:

"KINGS OF BELGIUM" with Pierre Vervloesem and Gilles Mortiaux is out now!
More info here:

"INVISIBLE RAYS" with Trey Gunn (King Crimson) and Henry Kaiser is out now! More info here:

"RCH" with Rado Chrzan, David Koller, Erik Wollo, Aidan Baker, Jaromir Honzak, Vladislav Sarissky and others. Out now!

More info here:

"ProgXpriMetal" (Mats Hedbergs CD) is out now! More info here:


Peace! / Morgan


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Morgan Ågren free drumsolo, France July 2010 (part 1)
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